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Customer Reviews & Stories

At William's Auto Care, we have made the care of our auto repair customers our first and foremost priority. No matter what you drive, we want you to know there is a shop you can bring your car, where you will both enjoy the high quality, friendly service you deserve.


It's been several years since I have taken a vehicle in for repairs, I consider it a blessing. When I do need service, I never use anyone but Williams. Chanc and his guys do an outstanding job. The price is fair, the work is top notch, and chanc will gladly go into depth explaining a repair and what it involves. I will be a customer for many years to come.

- J.P.

Car broke down & I had it towed to the shop. I'm not from the area, but communication was top notch & the service needed was taken care of in a timely matter.

- H.J.

Our day old new... 2008 Prius battery died, locks were acting funny and the trunk would not open. It had been jumped by AAA and they sent us to Williams. The best recommendation ever. We arrived without an appointment and were helped immediately. William diagnosed the issue another man went over a checklist including the battery and we were out in 30 minutes for a very reasonable price! The nice lady in office of the pleasant waiting room was helpful and informative. We will be going back to have them care for our car! Many thanks!

- S.B.

Very pleased to say they helped me without an appointment, diagnosed the problem quickly, and expedited repairs for a surprisingly low fee.

- M.B.

I had a long time mechanic who passed away. I was referred to Williams Auto Care and will be a long time customer. They are fantastic. Fair in pricing, detailed in their work and customer oriented!. They identified future work, but did not proceed with the work!! I appreciate that. They will get all my business.

- M.B.

It is so refreshing to excellent customer service. Camille was so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.  I brought my car in having transmission issue's, they quoted me a price and that's exactly what I paid. My car was ready on time and everyone was professional! I'll definitely go back again!!

- S.O.

My 4Runner had a rear axel seal leak and needed it fixed right away. My dad is a long time customer so he told me to take it to Williams. I called friday morning and they took it in right away. 

They ended up replacing the seal, bearrings, front and rear brakes, and changed the oil, rotated my tires, and more. They even washed it! Reasonable pricing and had it done by the next day :) I am a satisfied customer and definitely will be back. Thanks William & team!

- B.B.

We had a great experience at William's Auto... We called first thing in the morning and they were able to get us in that day. They were friendly and exceptionally helpful.

- T.P.

We had out of town company in for the weekend and wanted to show them Historic Sonoma. Our car broke down literally down the block from this repair shop. It was a Saturday at 1pm and we were literally 40 miles from our home. We were greeted by William Murray. What a gentleman. He diagnosed the problem with in 30 minutes, was able to locate the part needed and repaired it in 2.5 hours. He even personally drove my family in his own car to the historic square to eat lunch while the car was being repaired. Honest shop, very reasonable bill and AAA approved! If we didn't live so far this would be our regular mechanic!!!!

- M.B.

William's was able to resolve an undiagnosed issue the same day after my car was towed to them mid-day and they gave me a nice discount for paying by check. Then a few weeks later when my car wouldn't start they charged and tested my battery for me, no cost. They are super lovely and genuinely nice people.

- S.H.

Simply the most trustworthy auto repair shop in ALL of the Bay Area. Prices are reasonable with a nice place to hang if needs be. Good coffee too! (Keurig) Love William and his staff-inc Monika & men.

- T.T.

On October 9th 2017 my wife and I lost our Kenwood home to the wine country fires. With the area facing mandatory evacuations we were on our way out of the area when we picked up a large bolt in one of our rear tires. We pulled into Williams Auto Care for help and found they were about to close down due to the fires so their employees could take care of their families and properties.

Although they had pressing issues of their own, the great people at Williams Sonoma removed our flat tire and mounted our spare. After hearing that our home burned down they refused to accept payment for their services! Big heartfelt thank you to all at Williams Auto Care.

- B.J.

Car broke down & I had it towed to the shop. I'm not from the area, but communication was top notch & the service needed was taken care of in a timely matter.

- H.J.

I just needed to pop in and get a smog check done, they had me in and out in about 20 minutes, if even. The woman at the counter was very nice and made my short stay enjoyable! No appointment and they had me taken care of very fast, I'll be taking my smog needs to them from now on!

- N.S.

Called ahead to check on prices for oil change for my Porsche ($400 at the dealerships, $200 at shops) & actually spoke to Mr William himself who graciously accepted my bringing in my own too-expensive special oil & filter to be changed out, gave me a very reasonable estimate, & also arranged to do the smog check.  We had to set up an appt cuz apparently there's a glut of smog checks due in to the DMV on august 1st.  

On arrival, there was a small traffic jam of cars at the entrance, but Mr William very promptly sorted everybody out, & his crew of able guys had my car in & hoisted up within 20 min of arrival while I waited in line to sort out the paperwork...actually all I did was hand him my registration paper.  He also noted upfront that he could not do my smog for me as i was in a "high smog" county & humbly suggested a number of places for me nearer to my home county.  

There are 6 lifts in the front half, a waiting room, a very nice & patiently experienced front registration gal, & snack/coffee places nearby.

While waiting I was reassured somewhat by the number of seniors standing in line for service as well, my thinking is that they would know from experience & word-of-mouth the most consistent, reliable, honest service around.  He gave me a 10% first-time customer discount (without telling me), & they accept AAA members. They took in a tow as I was sitting there & will try to figure out what the problem is.  

So out the door in under an hour!!!  this is a BUSY service place, btw!!  for $35 estimate (WTF!!), actually came to $37.80 then I added another quart of oil cuz he said I was short (I bought from the dealer what THEY suggested I needed for this car) for $18.50, plus $2.78 hazardous waste costs..... so total $60, THAT's IT?!!!!!

OMG, I LOVE this man & his place....especially since I HATE taking cars in for service & repairs cuz I get taken advantage of, however subtly, ALL the time (usually b/c I'm a woman) & always leave paying for stuff I realize later I really didn't need or could postpone later, especially in this bad economy.  I drove 40 min to get (it's actually north of Sonoma Square) & I would come back over & over, & have my cars towed here for deciphering, in a heartbeat!!

- P.H.